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“Sport for Life” is the slogan we live by and the reason you’ll find quality and innovation in all the products we develop. It’s also the reason why our buyers unanimously agree that Stallion products live up to their standards and our reputation.

Stallion Sport was founded in 1992 with the goal of bringing premium, innovative sports and outdoor-lifestyle products to the public. Starting off with servicing sporting goods ODM business under various brand names to Europe, Northern America, Australia, Japan regions, our company has built a strong understanding of core channels in design, marketing, and manufacturing of various sports products.

Stallion focuses on developing innovative products, supported by leading brands and reasonable pricing that laid the groundwork for Stallion’s advancements in sporting goods’ design and development. By 2001, our operation had expanded to Hong Kong with headquarters located next door to manufacturing in China and APAC.


Stallion Group is a vertically integrated product design and manufacturing conglomerate with over 3000 employees worldwide and decades of global operating experience. Our products range from outdoor (water/winter) sporting goods to toys to healthcare products and even foldable electric bikes.

Stallion Group focuses on adding new brands to our portfolio and progressing as a company. In the last decade, Stallion has proven its strength and leveraged international and well-regarded brands, enabling it to market under the respective trademarks and successfully promoting our products. We are proud to name some of our business partners and brands.


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