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Here are a list of question people mostly ask:

Q1 : How to play?

WSIA – Water Sports Industry Association: Inflatable safety video

Q2 :  I just bought the new towable or inflatable product, where do I begin?

Always begin by reading the User Manual and all accompanying warning labels that comes with the original box packaging, to familiarize yourself with the product and its proper use. There are safety instructions, handy hints and other important information in the User Manual that would simply make your experience with your product more enjoyable and the most fun ever.

Q3 : Are children allowed to use the towable or inflatable products?

We recommend that Any inflatable not to be used by children under the age of eight, and Any Towable not to be used by children under the age of fourteen. There must be competent adult supervision if children above this age group are present, and never leave any children unattended while using the products.

Q4 : What is the difference between a towable product and a inflatable product?

A towable product is an inflated product that has been designed to be towed by a motorized boat, and connected via an approved tow rope using the Quick Connect Tow Hook that comes with the towable product. A inflatable product is also an inflated product but they are not designed to be towed in any way. In both cases, in the box packaging and User Manual there are recommended person capacity and corresponding maximum weight on each of the towable and inflatable products. We strongly recommend all users to read through and understand the relevant information prior use.

Q5 : Is there anywhere I should not use the towable product?

We strongly recommend against towing any towable products in shallow water or near shore, docks, pilings, bridges, swimmers or other boats. We recommend you to inspect the intended towing area to ensure it is free of hazards or obstacles such as other boats and swimmers before use. We also recommend checking with the local authorities before using the product in case there are any restrictions.

Q6 :  Where can I use the inflatable product?

ONLY use in calm water and close to shore away from boats and other hazard. ALWAYS KEEP at least 10 m (33 ft.) distance away from shore, boats and other hazard for safety purpose. The Inflatable are designed to be used in a large body of water with a minimum depth of 3 m (10 ft.). DO NOT use in pool. DO NOT use in open waters, high winds, rapid current, dangerous tides, in waves, wakes or in bad weather conditions as it may not allow you to come back to shore.

Q7 : Do I need a life vest or a PFD when I am using the towable product?

Anyone using the towable product must wear a life vest (PFD) approved by your local authorities (U.S. Coast Guard Type III vest in the US or Canadian Coast Guard approved life vest in Canada respectively. CE approval in Europe and SAI approval in Australia).

Q8 : Do I need a life vest or a PFD when I am using the inflatable product?

For any non-swimmers using the inflatable product, a life vest (PFD) approved by the local authorities must be worn during use in the water (U.S. Coast Guard Type III Vest in the US or Canadian Cost Guard approved life vest in Canada respectively. CE approval in Europe and SAI approval in Australia).

Q9 : How should I go about inflating the products?

In the User Manual that comes with your product, there are simple and easy “Quick Start Instructions”, giving you a step-by-step guide to help you properly set up and inflate your product. The User Manual is also available online for the corresponding product, just be sure to click the right type of product under the “User Manual” section of this website.

Q10 : Do any of the products come with an air pump? Where can I find out more about it?

While air pumps are not part of the purchase with any towable or inflatable products, a range of branded air pumps are available for purchase separately.

Q11 : How could I keep the product clean?

After each use, clean any debris off the product with only fresh clean water and use only mild dish-washing soap if absolutely necessary. After cleaning, make sure the product is allowed time to dry completely before being deflated and stowed away.

Q12 : How and where should I store the product?

We strongly recommend storing your product in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. During the fall/winter season, make sure the product is not stored in the garage, outside open area or outdoors.

Q13 : What if I lost my User Manual? I need to find the Quick Start Instructions again.

Not a problem. We have included in this website the User Manual for all towable and inflatable products for your convenience. Just click on the applicable link and you can find the User Manual online, or simply print a copy for future use.

Q14 : What happens if there is a puncture?

Should this happen, we have included a Puncture Repair Kit in every towable or inflatable products for your convenience. The User Manual has quick and easy steps to help you repair the puncture. We also recommend the Puncture Repair Kit to be stored in a convenient location, so if a puncture does happen, you can quickly repair the product and continue with the fun.

Q15 : I have a Music Speaker System on my inflatable product, how should I install it?

In the User Manual that comes with your inflatable product, there is a section specifically designed to guide you through the simple set up for the onboard Music Speaker System. Batteries used in the Music Speaker System are not included as part of the purchase but can be purchased separately.

Q16 : Are the armrests or backrests strong enough that I could sit on them, stand on them or even jump off them?

No, they are not designed for any of that at all. We absolutely recommend against standing, kneeling on the armrests or backrests. In fact, standing, kneeling or even diving into the product are considered misuse and will cause rupture, which is not covered as part of our warranty.

Q17 : What does the warranty cover?

You can find out all the information on warranty cover and conditions in the Warranty section in the User Manual that comes with your product. The same information can also be found in the User Manual posted on this website. 


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